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nEW T0 2022!

The back of the menu contains activities & fun pictures to color.  We make these in-house so the activities change monthly!


February 2022-

Now offering some bakery options on Weekends!

Variety of:

Long Johns - Muffins - Cinnamon Rolls - Raspberry Filled Donuts 

**Made to Order - Cake Pops - 5" Pies (Apple or Cherry)**

We may not always have bakery in stock if we sell out in the mornings, if you are looking for a larger order or something in particular- Please message our page and it will be ready the next morning! 

February 2022

New Tables and Chairs!

We finished our dining room off this month with the chairs and tables from Rene's Dining Room! They look beautiful and the chairs are really comfy.  The tables have a heavier base compared to our other tables - so no more spilled coffee!

Look for our green chairs at Caldron Falls Bar and our maroon tables across the road at Northern Lights Fun Park (hopefully!)
It is so great to live in such a great community. 



March 3rd, 2022

New to Spring 2022 -

Our new Lunch Menu!
We are offering delicious Kettle Chips with all Wraps & Sandwiches.


We had to raise some prices to keep up the ever-changing price increase from our distributors.  Keep in mind, I am NOT profiting any more money than I did before this; I am only raising the cost to cover the price increase I was given from Reinhart and Merrill Distributing.


We can no longer offer free refills for our iced tea and soda. Customers will now pay $1.00 per refill.

Pepsi has increased our costs on soda for the 5th year in the row and it's the first time in 5 years I am not offering free refills, but we do offer that discount as stated above.  I am praying prices will go down and we can go back to what it was.   

I added THREE new omelet choices and a new breakfast choice on our menus also! 
I am really excited for our new ULTIMATE OMELET! It has all meats, all veggies and hashbrowns inside... it is really good!


March 22, 2022

Easter Bunny is coming!

My project (4).jpg

May/June 2022

We are offering new items on our Breakfast Buffet! Please try them out and give me some feedback on what you would like to see in the future.
Our new buffet menu is listed below!

We hit a record number of customers served the Sunday, Memorial Day weekend of 314 people served from 6am to 2pm.  What an amazing day!  Everything went so smoothly and we appreciate everyone's patience for who ordered out of the kitchen.

Please, keep in mind that if your table orders buffet plus meals out of the kitchen, we do not skip ahead.  We go in order for how you are seated. If there is 4 or 10 tables ahead of you, we will cook those first before we cook yours.  Thank you in advance for understanding! 



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